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Using Your Total Energy Profile for Inductive Selling

By: Bob Picha

Much of the “psychology of sales” literature published today points to the new way of moving away from transaction selling to solution selling. Solution selling assists the buyer in closing the gap between where they are and getting where they want to be.

Effective solution selling for world class pros requires a shift in thinking and behavior, to moving beyond persuasion and into inductive selling. Persuasion and influence have always been primary skills for success in sales. Solution selling and the new inductive selling process require a different focus and a re-alignment of workstyle energies in your energy profile.

What are workstyle energies?

Your workstyle energies determine “how” you use your energy working to get things done. Everyone who gets paid to work gets paid to get results, but their energies are used in different ways to get results. There are four primary workstyle energies:

  • Some people go after results in an active, high energy, direct way… others are more organized and controlled at a lower energy level.

  • Some people get results by influencing others in a high energy, outgoing way…; others influence in a lower energy,logical,and factual factual way.

  • Some people get results by concentrating a lower energy level in completing a single task… others use their higher energy level in spreading their energy among many tasks.

  • Some people concentrate a lower energy level in high precision, high detail, high accuracy tasks… while others spread higher energy in a free-lance, no boundaries way.

The specific use of these worksyle energies determines your energy profile. You also tend to be influenced by the way you influence others, because of compatible energy profiles.

Successful sales professionals involved in “transaction selling” typically use high energy in all four workstyles. These energy levels are natural to top sales pros. Top sales pros can become True Sales Professionals using inductive selling by realigning their natural energies in the contact and engagement phases of selling.

Selling, by nature, involves contact and engagement. Inductive selling requires new rules for both contact and engagement. Both of these changes contribute to building and sustaining bridges of communication with prospects.

You have control over contact (adaptive) energy. You have less control over spontaneous energy, but you need to be aware of your spontaneous energy profile. With inductive selling, True Sales Professionals need to lower their contact energy to be successful in engaging the prospect.

Most change requires energy, this one requires using less energy.

For more information on “why” it is necessary to lower contact energy, and “how” to adapt, Read the article: “Minimizing Energy in Inductive Selling”.



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