Nothing can…

  • Motivate people to action
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Enhance teamwork and pull people together…

…Like an idea … especially a BIG IDEA

    and… nothing improves productivity like


Productivity thru Productiveness
Aligning and Linking Human Resources.

If you want to understand other people better, understand yourself better,... first   — V. Howard

What Makes You Tick?

Understand Your Grandchild

Control Your Reactions

The Big Idea


The Pizza Solution to Growing the Economy

The Audacious Goal


The Ideal Society

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Successful Selling Depends on Successful interaction with Others

The Three Keys to Successful Interaction with Others

  1. Know yourself
    • Know you strengths
    • Know what motivates and demotivates you
    • Know how and why you effect others
    • Know how and why others effect you
  2. Develop and maintain a clear picture of a) yourself and b) others
    • In yourself, by using your strengths and motivations
    • In others, by building on their strengths and motivations
  3. Apply in critical situations, the “Behavioral Style Flexibility Approach” by:
    • Identifying the appropriate behavioral style and needs of:
      1. The people you are interacting with
      2. The situation you are in
    • Adjusting your behavioral style approach accordingly to put yourself in positive control of the interaction (PROactive instead of REactive) If you know more about me than I know about you, you can be in control of the interaction. ”



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