Nothing can…

  • Motivate people to action
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Enhance teamwork and pull people together…

…Like an idea … especially a BIG IDEA

    and… nothing improves productivity like


Productivity thru Productiveness
Aligning and Linking Human Resources.

If you want to understand other people better, understand yourself better,... first   — V. Howard

What Makes You Tick?

Understand Your Grandchild

Control Your Reactions

The Big Idea


The Pizza Solution to Growing the Economy

The Audacious Goal


The Ideal Society

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Inductive Selling
The 7 Fundamentals of Human Behavior
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The Very Best Make It Look Easy…
Fundamental principles of Successful Selling
Successful Selling depends…

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Fundamental Principles of Successful Selling

These principles apply to all successful interactions with others.. to successful selling

  • All people are motivated
  • You cannot motivate people… what you can do is create an environment where people are motivated.
  • People do things for their own reasons... not yours.
  • In dealing with people use your strengths, but remember an over-extension of a strength may become a weakness.
  • You cannot... not communicate.
  • You cannot... not make an impression or impact on another person.



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