Nothing can…

  • Motivate people to action
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Enhance teamwork and pull people together…

…Like an idea … especially a BIG IDEA

    and… nothing improves productivity like


Productivity thru Productiveness
Aligning and Linking Human Resources.

If you want to understand other people better, understand yourself better,... first   — V. Howard

What Makes You Tick?

Understand Your Grandchild

Control Your Reactions

The Big Idea


The Pizza Solution to Growing the Economy

The Audacious Goal


The Ideal Society

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Inductive Selling
The 7 Fundamentals of Human Behavior
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Fundamental principles of Successful Selling
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The Child’s Profile Manual

The last option for busy decision makers...

“A Plan To Understand Your Grand-kids” with the Child’s Profile Manual.

I discovered an limited inventory of treasured out-of-print Child’s Profile Manuals… by John G Geier,phd and Dorothy E. Downey, mph,ms discovering and working with the inner child for ages four to fourteen Understanding Your Grandchildren Better…

  • identifies how each child tends to think, feel, and act.
  • describes the strengths of children's behavioral patterns.
  • sets the stage for the child to discuss information with the adult.

“…If there is any kind of tangible immortality here on earth, it is the children we touch and who in turn will touch their children…” Youth Development Institute

This treasured 126 page manual is available in limited supply for:
$47.00 plus shipping and handling of $10.00.
(Price for US orders only. Allow 2-3 weeks delivery.)
For international orders contact Bob Picha



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