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The Pizza Solution to Growing the Economy

Author: Bob Picha

Mario probably had no idea that he had the formula for healing and expanding the US economy. He did make the best
pizza around, but pizza alone was not the answer to healing and growing the US economy. What he did have is a recipe or formula that could be used for that purpose.

It was a Friday night in the late seventies, and the kids wanted a pizza. I was a management consultant working on a national productivity program during the recession of the seventies. The kids were hungry, but not starving. I went to Mario’s. It was crowded with a waiting line for take-out. I finally got to Mario and asked him “how many slices in a medium pizza?” He said in a flash, ”how hungry are you?”

That’s when it hit me!

What Mario asked was not only funny, it was profound. We can create the illusion of getting “more” pizza by cutting the same size pizza into more slices. This sounds like an attitude that key decision makers have today. Instead of working on expanding the size of the pie, the prevailing attitude is to slice the same size pie into more, but smaller pieces.

The challenge today is to create a bigger pie with the resources we have….an attitude of more with less. This challenge requires entrepreneur spirit and talent.

We have the entrepreneurial spirit and talent right here in the good old USA. We have always had it..since the beginning. Back then they were the opportunity seekers. We still are opportunity seekers If you have the spirit and the talent, join the movement. Let’s heal and expand the economy together.

If you get this concept… get a ukulele.



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