Nothing can…

  • Motivate people to action
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Enhance teamwork and pull people together…

…Like an idea … especially a BIG IDEA

    and… nothing improves productivity like


Productivity thru Productiveness
Aligning and Linking Human Resources.

If you want to understand other people better, understand yourself better,... first   — V. Howard

What Makes You Tick?

Understand Your Grandchild

Control Your Reactions

The Big Idea


The Pizza Solution to Growing the Economy

The Audacious Goal


The Ideal Society

About the Author…




Your Energy Profile
Inductive Selling
The 7 Fundamentals of Human Behavior
The Best Salesman I've ever known…
The Very Best Make It Look Easy…
Fundamental principles of Successful Selling
Successful Selling depends…

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The Very Best Make It Look Easy…

The very best sales pros make it look so easy… so natural. They could do it while walking in their sleep.

They are extremely attentive to each clients needs and desires, and totally intent upon seeking an ideal solution to each client's unique problems. In the end such individuals are problem solvers. They are the ones who solve problems better and quicker than their competitors.

Given that sales super stars are the best, they are constantly trying to improve themselves by trying to understand human nature better.



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