Ideas At Work – …to release human potential

Nothing can….

  • Motivate people to action…
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation…
  • Enhance teamwork and pull people together…

like an idea… especially a BIG IDEA with an AUDACIOUS GOAL.


We are  presently reaching out to professional management and educational consultants who have gone beyond offering know-how and knowledge to offering wisdom. Every professional on Linkedin has one thing in common. They are paid to solve problems. Today we need the collective wisdom, aligned and linked, in offering solutions to this generation of problems. The demand for problem solvers is referenced in this article… “The Demand For Problem Solvers“. These are the observations of U. S. Andersen.

Look at what we’re faced with: Automation… a revolution in the means of production. A runaway science that has lost communication with people. Disassociation of mind and spirit due to living and working in masses. The increasing need for education to teach learning skills rather than stuffing the mind with facts. The conflict of cultures and ideologies due to the shrinking of our world. The constant pressure of producing more and better and more efficiently.

Who will solve these problems?

Then there is space travel, defense production, race integration, world government, religious evolution, advertising, selling, the list is endless.

The greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity of today lies in problem solving. Where will these problem solvers come from?

Why, they’ll have to come from people like you and me… because we’re here now. The reins are in our hands. We can’t wait for a new generation. By then the problems will be too big, too complex, too tough even to tackle.

These words were spoken in 1965,  fifty years ago. Have we made any progress?

You don’t need a lifetime to achieve our goals. (solving 100 of the world’s most impactful issues). We already have the resources to accomplish our goals within ten years. We have 300 million problem solvers now who are linked. They need to be aligned and linked and focused on an audacious goal. We went to the moon in ten years with fewer resources. We can definitely do this, while creating the same number of young entrepreneurs. Let’s begin.

This is our Big Idea. I believe in the energy source of a big idea. I believe that a mind stretched by an idea will never return to its original dimension. Here are two BIG IDEAS, one for growing the economy, and one for a vision of an IDEAL SOCIETY with full employment.

“The Pizza Solution To Growing The Economy”

“The Ideal Society”


Problem Solvers

Re-energize the land of opportunity with a new “American Dream” where everyone has opportunity. Join the campaign, you can contribute in many ways…

  • Contribute ideas to crystallize the vision
  • Contribute time and energy to networking and spreading the word of the movement
  • Buy the “Career Freedom” book by Bob Picha  and promote the concept of career freedom
  • Join our Big Idea campaign

    Create an internet platform to share ideas in the process of creating a vision of what’s possible in expanding economy for all to participate en-route to an Ideal Society with full employment and opportunity for personal growth.

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