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Minimizing Energy In Inductive Selling

By: Bob Picha

Imagine this… you are wearing a pair of magical glasses which allow you to see a person’s energy profile.It is easy to imagine glasses that can see the heat (energy) given off by another body. Well, the magic glasses would actually show the person’s energy profile… how energy is flowing through their body.

If you are a Top Sales Professional (TSP) wearing the magic glasses and looking in a mirror, you would be amazed at what you could see. You would see four energy streams flowing through your body. You would see one stream of high energy caused by your direct aggressive action to get results. You would see another high energy stream caused by actively pursuing affiliation with others for the purpose of influencing them. You
would see a third high energy stream of impatience and anxiousness. You would see a high energy stream striving for freedom from constraints.

These active energies combined are easily sensed by a prospect, even without the magic glasses. These energies drive a person’s behavior and are expressed verbally and/or non-verbally.

You cannot… not communicate these energies!

You cannot… not have an impact on another person with these energies!

When these energies are released on contact with another person, they can overwhelm them. This can destroy the bridge of communication you want to establish. This is called the “Whoa” factor.

Traditional transaction selling has utilized higher energy levels in direct and influencing approaches. These energy levels are natural to top sales performers. A top sales pro can become a True Sales Professional by realigning their natural energies in the contact and engagement phases with prospects.

Selling, by nature, involves contact and engagement. Inductive Selling requires new approaches for contact and engagement. Both of these changes can help build bridges of communication and develop trust with prospects.

All sales pros have control of their contact energy by adapting. They have less control over their spontaneous energy, but need to be aware of their spontaneous energy profile. In an Inductive Selling mode, Top Sales Professionals lower their contact energy to successfully engage the prospect and lower the “Whoa” factor.

Most change requires energy… this one requires using less energy to accomplish more results.


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