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When Dr. John Geier introduced me to the DISC language of behavior in 1972, he said “It takes five to seven minutes to complete the questionnaire and produce the behavioral profile graph, and with that picture we can talk about you for three days.” After a three day certification in the DISC language of behavior, I was a believer. I thought everyone should wear this graph in a visible location. The profile graph is a powerful descriptor of how you operate. It's like displaying your personal operating manual… how and why you do what you do. For the last twenty years, I have taught high volume clients how to read behavior by looking at the graph and validating the information with a behavior based interview.

…Bob Picha

Now you can have your profile graph displayed on your Linked photo… a picture in a picture. Simply complete the online assessment, which produces your 50-60 page operating manual and behavior profile. Send us a link to your Linkedin profile, and we will do the rest.

Now you can have your profile graph displayed on your Linked photo… a picture in a picture.

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A Picture is worth a 1,000 Words… Bob’s Psychograph

bobgThe picture in my Linkedin profile includes a graphic picture of my behavior profile or psychograph (my operating manual). This is a graphic representation of the how and why of my behavior in a working environment…with a primary focus on how I solve problems and get results.

There are three facets of behavior displayed, each with a behavior pattern. The first pattern indicates projected behavior or how I adapt, the second pattern indicates my core, natural, or instinctive behavior, the third indicates how I see myself or self perception. Some people are not the same in the sense that their behavioral pattern is more diversified while others maintain a consistent style through a number of changing situations in the same environment.

All three patterns display the magnitude of four primary emotions that drive behavior…Dominance (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C) or DiSC dimensions. There are over 50 million people who have been exposed to the DISC assessments producing these graphical results and their interpretations.

My behavior profile indicates the following:

All three graphs are very similar…indicating “what you see is what you get”. I don’t adapt differently than how I see myself or my core behavior. There is consistency.
My Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance are all active and high energy…so the combination of all four indicates very high energy level of behavior.

In terms of the self assessment result, it is important to discover strengths (what a person may be good at), and areas for improvement (what a person may not be good at). The high Dominance in the patterns indicates a tendency to be good at causing action, getting results, accepting challenges, and making decisions. It also suggests the high Dominance tendency may not be good at using caution, weighing pros and cons, researching facts, and working in a protected environment.

The high Influence in the patterns indicates a tendency to be highly optimistic, good at contacting people, generating enthusiasm, verbalizing with articulateness, and creating an environment of motivation. It also suggests the high influence tendency may not be good at concentrating on their work, seeking facts, working alone, and thinking logically.

The low or active Steadiness is an indicator of fast pace, spontaneous reaction, change-orientation, flexibility, and multi-tasking ability. It also suggests boredom at repetitive slow paced tasks, and maintaining the status quo.

The low Compliance in the graph indicates preference to developing ideas and strategies independent of the rules, taking authority, acting independently, and seeking freedom of choice. It also suggests aversion to detail, following directives and complying with authority, and working under controlled circumstances.

After you enroll, you will receive an email containing your personal access code for your online assessment. When you complete your online questionnaire you will immediately receive a 50 to 60 page report which includes your personal profile graph.

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