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Surfing Dolphins Business Model

Bob Picha

My strongest memories of being in the zone were the times I spent on the ocean bluffs in Southern California. What repeatedly caught and held my attention was looking down and watching the dolphins surf. They, both young and mature, would catch a wave… surf until it was about to break… and then flip over backwards carried by the energy of the wave. Then they would repeat the process.

Even though I was seventy feet above them, I was convinced they were smiling… maybe laughing… when they emerged from the wave.

Since I was developing business models at the time, I thought “What a great three step business model” with a huge return on energy (ROE).

The dolphins would :

  • Catch a wave of opportunity
  • Go with the flow
  • Have fun

“I never worked a day in my life… it was all fun”.
Thomas Edison

Their zone would always draw me into my zone. This is the zone described by Richard Koch:

“There are times when we are totally absorbed, absolutely happy, in tune with the universe-when time stands still. We are scarcely conscious of time ourselves… we are in the ZONE, in the moment, experiencing a sense of inner calm or bliss. “A day of time in the zone” may be worth a lifetime of dog days… less is more.”

Know your zone… your zone is not your zip code.

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