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The American Dream… What was it?… What is it?… What can it be?

WHY this campaign?

I had the opportunity for fifty years to work and live in my zone, and I want this opportunity to be available to every stakeholder in this land of opportunity. I have personally experienced it, and worked with people of all ages who have experienced the joy and satisfaction of working in their zones. This is what the “Energizing The American Dream Campaign” is about.

Working in the zone is optimizing the use of an individual’s natural energies. This requires understanding their Personal Energy Profile, and how to apply it in working and in living. It requires reorganizing personal energies. Every person caught in the stupendous social-economic revolution must face squarely the hard problem of tapping, controlling, and utilizing their personal energies.

In this campaign, every contributor reward is an individual assessment of their personal energies.

Every American should have the opportunity to discover and work in their “zones”.

This is the “why” of this campaign. If the “why” is clear, the “how” will follow.

It is possible to create a system, accessible by everyone, to experience the American Dream in an Ideal Society.

What’s in your dream?

Three things are necessary for success… desire, know-how (knowledge and experience), and a vehicle. The contributions of money and talent will enhance all three. The tools and “will to start” are in place for ignition and lift-off.

After ten years of engineering how “things” work, I have spent forty years in the field of personal growth and productiveness, discovering and applying how “people” work. This effort evolved into internet applications of the best fit of people in jobs, and jobs for people. This initial system provided the first step in the process of discovering a person’s zone of natural energy.

I believe the greatest source of untapped energy in this country is human energy.

The American Dream to me is being able to work and live in the zone, doing what I love, and loving what I do… and making a difference while doing it.

This campaign is about energizing the concept of The American Dream in an Ideal Society.

The plan will include who’s involved, what can be accomplished, and where we are now.

The American Dream… What was it?… What is it?… What can it be?

The American Dream… What was it?

The American Dream was imagination, determination, hard work, persistence, luck and fate. To believe in yourself and what you are doing. To struggle, to overcome the odds, to say yes when others say no. To accept the challenge. To come from poverty and rise to the top. To HAVE A DREAM AND MAKE IT COME TRUE.

As the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence, so it was to be. America the land of opportunity, the land of the free. America, the home of Free-Enterprise and “The American Dream.” And through the years it has proven to be true. The American Dream has become a reality to many who have been willing to pay the price-to make it come true for themselves and for others.

The American Dream is not riches, wealth, and power. The American Dream is OPPORTUNITY; to recognize and fill a need and be rewarded. To create products and companies that will make life easier for others. To start and expand businesses which create good jobs so that so that people can experience the joy of making a contribution and making a difference. To begin with imagination and enthusiasm and to keep that attitude during the many hours, days, months, and years it may take to accomplish their goals. To resist the temptation to take an easier path. To endure, to reach down for that last ounce of strength.

The road to success is always under construction, and is rarely smooth. Those who have traveled it will tell you that it is filled with detours, potholes, aggravation, frustration, delay, and often disappointment. But for those who break through, who cross the finish line, who endure, the reward is great. The satisfaction of achievement and a job well done.

Success can seldom be predicted. Sometimes it just happens, but more often you must make it happen.

This campaign is about making it happen. It provides a forum and a vehicle for the American Free-Enterprise System in action.

WHAT CAN IT BE? Imagine what it would be like living in Dr. Ann Roe’s ideal society.


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