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What trait do most Successful people share?

Most successful people share the common trait of self awareness… understanding their natural behavioral tendencies… What makes them tick.

Now you can discover your personal profile with the primary emotions that drive your behavior. You can gain insights from the enhanced format. It is truly a “Plan To Understand Yourself and Others”.

It will enable you to:

  • Identify the four primary emotions that drive your behavior and the relationship between them.
  • Capitalize on your behavioral strengths.
  • Understand the three facets of your behavior and how you behave under pressure and stress.
  • What motivates and de-motivates you.
  • Increase your appreciation of the different profiles of other people… what motivates and de-motivates them.
  • Anticipate and minimize the energy loss from potential conflicts with others and certain situations.
  • Discover the following information about yourself and others with different behavioral patterns:
    • Predominant Emotions
    • Predominant Goal
    • How you tend to judge Others
    • How you tend to influence others
    • Your primary value to an organization
    • What you tend to overuse
    • How you tend to respond under pressure
    • Your primary fear
  • Receive suggestions for improving personal effectiveness.
  • This comprehensive report is also your operating manual offering specific strategies based on your profile for:
    • Creating positive relationships.
    • Relating to people and the environment.
    • Managing others and being managed.
    • Persuading others and being persuaded.

Personal note… The 4G cell pone I just purchased came with a 182 page operating manual. Your behavioral operating manual may be 50 to 60 pages long but with much more power potential for a smaller investment. All of this from a short online questionnaire.



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